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Re: Fitting remote central locking


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PostPosted: Fri Mar 29, 2013 8:24 am
1. yes, just use universal actuator
2. yes, you MUST disconnect driverside lock because remote not working. I was try many time, but work only with disconnected connector. if remote fail, just put your key in driver's door and unlock your car. but you'll then open just drivers door.
3. I dont use any wiring diagram, just 12v tester
4. about parking sensors, read this topic
with 12v tester just found reverse light wire on conector and connect your module

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Really nice work there! How long it takes??? Does it work with any aftermarket key? I have found few in ebay but wjen to ask in Chevrolet they told me it wouldnt work....

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Can someone send me a link to the central locking kit purchased or name make/model?

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I just started to search for this item. Can someone send me a link to the item that was used. Tks. rnewmanjr@gmail.com.

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