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Re: Clutch pedal has fallen off!


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PostPosted: Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:05 pm
i have had this happen to me tonight, had my little girl in the car with me, my partner has had to drive it home in second gear, i know dangerous but recovery said we wasnt far enough to be picked up ( stupid as i have the cover to do that).
cant get in touch with dealership till tomorrow morning, it is still in warranty im just hoping it will be covered, it looks exactly as it does in the previous photo posted..
if anyone has any information on if it is covered could u please let me know.
not got alot of spare cash at the mo and im super unhappy that this has happened.
glad it not just my car as i have had so many probs with this car its been in the garage more times than the mechanics,.

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This has happened to me just today! Travelling down a busy A road and SNAP it went. It was just like others have described it, a loud snap ans then something hit my foot. Instinctively I put my hazards on and managed to pull over. When I looked down, there was the clutch pedal lying in the footwell! Was just a good job I was stuck in traffic so doing less than 5 miles an hour! I'm so grateful that my kids were not in the car! Could have killed someone! I drive a 60 plate spark+ and only had it for 7 months.....

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This has just happened to me, luckily i was at a junction and pressed the clutch when it completely snapped off.

In this day and age how can this happen, I haven't seen anything in the press about this recall in the UK and the company I bought it from where not very helpful at all.

Chevrolet get your act together

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Chevy just recalled 2.6 million cars in the US because the ignition can randomly be turned off while driving at speed from the weight of the key chain.

I assume the problem is global.

Long story short I don't think the old company that was GM before 2008 did recalls for much and I think a lot of that has carried over.

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Mine did exactly the same this morning while pulling up to a petrol station!
The RAC man said last time he saw it was in a cortina in the 1980s!!

It's a 2010 spark LS, I haven't got warranty but have had it from new. It's at a non specialist garage at the moment just wiring to hear what the damage is!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:09 am
This sort of thing should not be happening in modern cars...

I have a lot of things to get done right now, but I will try to get something together to properly document what is happening here.

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Contact your local dealer. There is a recall for sparks for clutch problems! Mine went in today, being fixed free of charge!!!! :P

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Wow... my clutch pedal just completely snapped off. Exactly like the pics everyone has added.
Cant believe it! !! How dangerous. ....
contacted the dealer I purchased it from. Its going back and lets see what they do about it! !!

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This happened last night and my car went back last year for pedal recall. so be careful all.

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I have just had my clutch pedal drop off obs not fixed this issue as mine is a 2012 spark

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