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Re: Airconditioner


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I dont have a problem with mine cycling unless I go wot. I did have a problem with in not getting cold on these hot Texas days and one day it didnt work at all. Started it up the next day and every since it has been freezing me out of my car. Wierd but I will bring it up to the dealer and let them know. Got a few other things I need done at the dealer as well

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I live right near Chicago. Just bought a brand new 14 ls the other day. Just wondering if anyone knows if the 2014s have has this issue addressed or is it the same unit as the 2013? I guess I'll find out here in a few months time and I'll keep you all informed. From when I test drove it I noticed the car didn't loose power with the ac turned on and I found that strange. Usually on most cars you feel a slight lose of power when you turn the ac on.

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I have a feeling GM probably got it sorted on US models by now. I think the problem was only with US models as most members did not think it was a problem.

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Customer Satisfaction Program # 13434 Air Conditioning System Inoperative/Cools Intermittently. This expires 4/30/16

I have a 2014 Spark and it is part of the program. Your dealer should be able to look up the VIN too see if the particular vehicle is eligible for the program.

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