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Re: More US details on the Chevy Spark


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Welcome to the forum Alex. It looks like you have quite a nice site started. I'll probably visit often.

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*see below*
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AlexBarsan wrote:
LorbeerTLC wrote:Which is too bad as the diminutive Smart fortwo offers a graphic, map style in-dash nav system as an option. I wish GM would start to be proactive and lead by setting examples for others to follow instead of playing catch-up in the small car category. Even if such an option might be expensive, they should offer it and not assume nobody would want it, especially if their competition does. Although I praise OnStar, the "Turn-by-Turn" voice only is somewhat anemic. OnStar needs to seriously offer graphic interface displays on all GM's and not just their high-end models.
Did you know you cannot get ABS on a new 2011 Aveo with a manual transmission? That's sad!

Don't comare the price for the Smart car even without the gps option to the price o the higest LT Spark, at least 25% higher the Smart. But you can buy any GPS like MIO and fitit inthe Spark dash with almost nothing to modify.

Well, here's the thing with new GM cars that have in-dash navigation systems. They're linked with OnStar's "Destination Download" (in the US), which to me is pretty awesome! This is what I want optional on the US version of the Chevy Spark. Here's a link to a demonstration:

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Chevrolet has made it official - the Chevy Spark is coming to the U.S. market. You can read more about it at link below: ... -s-in-2012
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